Writing a resume that captures your employer’s attention can be difficult. While it is important to tailor your resume based on the company and position you are aiming for, there are some skills nearly all recruiters look for in job applications that can improve your chances at getting hired. Applications like Recruitable help choose the best skills to put on your resume and increase your perceived value from employers by analyzing key words from job postings, looking at in demand skills in your industry, and telling you what top performing skills are most valuable for the company you are applying for. Customizing your resume helps you focus on employers’ specific needs, pass applicant tracking systems and show you are invested opportunity.  Take advantage of software designed to perfect your resume and help you land your dream job.  

Here are some of the top performing skills Recruitable suggests you put on your Job Applications 

Choosing Skills to Put on Your Resume  

12 Top Skills Recruiters Notice 


Interpersonal skills are related to how you interact and engage with others. As a future employee and colleague, it is important to show that you have the ability to connect with people. Developing these skills is important in your ability to work with future clients and teams, problem solve, and lead projects. 


Even if you are not applying for a management position, leadership is important. Showing you have the ability to take initiative, motivate others, and complete tasks according to schedule indicates to employers. 


Effective management is essential in teams, projects, and organizational tasks; all essential in conducting successful business. The ability to delegate tasks, plan projects, and communicate effectively with a team   

Problem Solving  

Problem solving skills are closely related with your analytical abilities. When you find a problem, show how you can take initiative in finding a solution. Employers want to hire people they can trust to put out fires as they arise without always having to defer to someone else. 

Computer and Technical Skills 

Almost every job, in almost every industry, now requires employees to have some sort of computer literacy or would seriously benefit from hiring someone with these skills. If the job posting you are applying for requires software skills you are unfamiliar with, demonstrate technical familiarity in other areas that show you have an ability to learn software skills when required.  

Time Management 

Now more than ever, time management has become one of the most important skills employers are looking for. With an increasing number of individuals working from home, employers are increasingly reliant on their employees to manage their own time, ensure their work is meeting deadlines and manage communication efficiently.  


When you are hired, your employer is trusting you with valuable information, resources, projects, and client management. Behave professionally and show you are someone who can be counted on. Reply to emails in a timely manner, prioritize your work, and be consistent.   


Thinking outside the box and approaching projects with a creative lens can help push company boundaries and encourage growth. Creative employees can help transcend the work atmosphere, inspire their colleagues, and create better collaborations. Find ways to show unique approaches in your work that make you stand out.   


We live in the digital age, and information is currency. Whatever industry you are in, you will need to search for information and be able to relay it to your team effectively. Show how you can identify relevant information, interpret knowledge, facts, and data, and communicate them effectively to a team.  

Customer Service 

Customer service skills show that you are able to interact with people, and present an opportunity to demonstrate how you can maintain positive and problem-solving attitudes in challenging situations. Active listening, empathy, and problem solving are closely tied with customer service, and are important attributes that employers look for. 


Not only is negotiation important for you getting the job and salary you want, it is important to show your employer how you can set out to achieve something and overcome obstacles. It also demonstrates a high level of empathy and ability to collaborate with someone to reach a goal. 


Work piles up, deadlines come quickly, and client relationships can be challenging. Work can be stressful no matter how well you manage your tasks and relationships, and an ability to work under pressure can make you stand out above a crowd.  Resilience when times get tough are some of the most important traits you can demonstrate to an employer; show how you can persevere through challenging times and stick to your commitments as an employee.   

Incorporating some of these Top 12 Skills That Employers Look For will demonstrate an additional level of professionalism and competency that could give you that additional edge you need on your resume.  Before even incorporating these skills in your resume, make sure you have a solid base to work from. A well written resume shows proficiency and understanding of the job market, an ability to research, and produce high quality work. You can learn more about how to format a resume employer will notice here. (link to other article)